About Mehra Innovations

Mehra Innovations is a globally outsourced staffing, BPO and offshore development company. We bring consulting and offshore programming services directly to the client’s doorstep. We offer professionals services across various industries, from sales offices in Dallas, TX and our offshore development centres in India manage BPO industry and take various website development projects.

What makes us different?

Offshore – At Mehra Innovations, we offer you a potential chance to discover offshore outsourcing for operational efficiency as well as cost savings.

Know-how – We are fully capable of executing projects using the same domains and technology in which your company is looking to find talent. Our expert team of nerds has a great understanding when it comes to sourcing suitable talent for your need.

Experience – Hundreds of companies trust our strong experience in carrying out various offshore projects and offering them the start up they need.

Process – Offering high-quality and pocket friendly offshore software development services necessitates strong and proper processes for controlling and developing large-scale development plans across the country. We have honed these capabilities over the years.

Once you join our long list of customers, we will open our new perspectives to your company and this brings new possibilities, which you would have never thought of before.

Savings of Time and Money – At Mehra Innovations, we develop tools, methodologies, infrastructure, management expertise and process that provide you remote services from around the world. When you are working with us, you will free up your precious time and you can focus on your new projects while our team can focus on making your services work for you.

Aggregate – Working with us will help you to reach talented and experienced candidates all around the world via our network, improving your odds of discovery the most fitting talent that meets your requirements.