Offshore Development –

Mehra Innovations provides Offshore Development (OD) services. We have an Offshore Development centre, which is a virtual forum of various best in the class software engineers who balance your in-house workforce remotely and proceed according to your project necessities and business requirements. Our ODC is fully capable of offering a variety of services correlated to software development life cycle.

Staff at Mehra Innovations –

To prove our set of skills and expertise, we have our staff certifications. We have certified staff. The developers in our team have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees from a reputed college. Over the years, Mehra Innovations has built a solid developer forum of highly qualified and motivated developers.All of them add a pinch of productive and creative potential of the company.

The process of Offshore Development centre is very simple. You call us and mention all your requirements and wishes related to the work and then with a bit of your help, we will define the project metrics and provide you a team of engineers. Thus, we will offer you all our personnel resources and technical infrastructure for a short period of time.

Why Mehra innovations?
  • Extensive offshore software development experience
  • Moral, proactive approach and best practices
  • Up-to date marketing skills and technology professionals
  • On-time delivery

  • Result oriented services
  • Focus on constant improvement
  • Known to build confidence via open relationships
  • Top notch service and successful delivery

By choosing to use Mehra Innovations’ expertise and know-how in developing software will be help you to reap the benefit from the return of our business model and that too without going through any of the hassles drawn in. Mehra innovations will advise you and answer every single question about all kinds of projects without unfavourably impacting your bottom line.


Website Design & Development

Our website designing and development services focus on conveying your projected business message clear and loud. Our designs are professional and clear and they flawlessly blend with the custom functionalities further implemented into them. Avail our solutions to develop an excellent website to enhance your business via online presence.


Mobile App Development

Mobile development solutions offered by Mehra Innovations are designed to bring the company’s mobile technology expertise to customers. Our team consists of expert mobile application developers with amassed experience in mobile application development and ascertained themselves as mobile professionals who turn your innovative ideas into proficient mobile applications.


Custom Software Development

Custom software or bespoke software is suitable for large organizations where the end-user workflows and needs are specific. As it is developed for a specific user it therefore effortlessly accommodates expectations and preferences of the customer. Developing a custom application has a shorter implementation cycle time since there is a buy-in from the end users and thus a higher acceptability.