Staffing Services –

Mehra Innovations’ staffing services help you in hiring experienced and qualified candidates those who suit your needs and work entirely for you directly from our workplace. Our service is perfect if you are looking to accomplish any of your seasonal or particular projects with or without actually hiring a staff permanently. At Mehra Innovations, we are fully committed to offer our clients services that are transparent and highly effective and that too with no hidden costs.

Things we promise –
  • We’ll make sure to send out ADs, carry out hiring campaigns, test, and interviews.
  • We put forward our best in class and experienced IT Professionals who hold the education degree from premier educational institutions.
  • We let you and your team meet and interview the selected applicants over video chat or phone before finally hiring them.
  • We give the hired applicants much needed client readiness training.
  • At Mehra Innovations, we provide the professional office space, computers, and internet for each hired employee.

Mehra Innovations is well-known for its strong area in capable, knowledgeable and vast resource pool, largest referral based system and a widespread proprietary database. We use our resources to provide you thousands of qualified candidates simply for a particular position in your office. Mehra Innovations has proven staffing methodology which even on short notices helps in fetching screened applicants on board.

Benefits from our services –

No matter you are a small or a mid-sized company, if you do not want take the road of hiring people or offering remuneration or tax paying for a regular employee working throughout the day in your office then we, at Mehra Innovations have a perfect way out for you. Through our staff hiring services and programmes, your company will instantly reap benefits. For over the years, we have hired thousands of resources who are working completely for our clients from different parts of the world.